TJ Photo of the Week: Rachel Levy’s Grave

Monticello was acquired by Uriah Levy, a Commodore in the U.S. Navy and veteran of the War of 1812. Its very existence today can is in no small part thanks to Commodore Levy, who admired Jefferson’s stance on freedom of religion.

Levy’s widowed mother, Rachel Levy, lived at Monticello from 1837 until her death in 1839, and served as its steward. Her grave was restored in 1985, after public knoweledge of the Levy’s involvement in maintaining Monticello was also restored.


Here are a few recent photos of the gravesite, which is located along Mulberry Row and not the Jefferson cemetary. For first time visitors at Monticello looking for the Levy grave, its a level above the gardens, just before you reach the gift shop and the stairs leading to the front of the house itself.


2 Responses to TJ Photo of the Week: Rachel Levy’s Grave

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