Jeffersonia: The Best of September

October 5, 2008

Here is a roll call of the best of Jeffersonia for the month of September.

  • Historic Scotchtowne disputes the legend of being Dolly Madison’s birth home. Click here
  • TJ Apple of the Month: the Mighty Albemarle Pippin! Click here
  • America’s first ice cream recipe. Go here
  • Thomas Jefferson the comic book! Go here
  • James Madison’s ‘little Monticello” gets a Monticello-like renovation. Click here
  • John Adams wins an Emmy! Click here
  • TJ is 3rd fastest President! Go here
  • Clay Jenkinson is TJ on the Thomas Jefferson Hour. Go here Read the rest of this entry »

JD Does TJ

October 5, 2008

A post I did a little while back included this YouTube clip of JD Sutton doing his live performance as Thomas Jefferson.

Oldswede commented that he’s seen Mr. Sutton perform several times, and in his opinion, is the best active Jefferson impressionist out there today.

So in honor of oldswede, here is a repost of that clip: