TJ Speaks!

Here are a couple of fun clips I found.

First, an animated Jefferson speaks…

Next, a talking TJ action figure…that doesn’t blink…

And finally, a one man play about TJ…

Of the 3, I liked the doll the best its JD Sutton by a landslide (though the doll was still kind of cool). Was I the only one that found the 1st one a little creepy?? (maybe it was the voice…)

2 Responses to TJ Speaks!

  1. oldswede says:

    Having seen JD Sutton several times in various plays and venues I believe he is arguably the best active Jefferson impressionist performing today. He is constantly adding to his presentation and the current version is immesurably improved over the initial performances some 8 years ago. We look forward to being able to see a full length version in the near future. Don’t miss any opportunity you may have to catch a ‘live’ performance when he comes to a venue near you.

  2. […] Does TJ A post I did a little while back included this YouTube clip of JD Sutton doing his live performance as Thomas […]

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