How Does History Rank Jefferson the President?

In 1948, historian Arthur Schlesinger, Sr. asked 50 some of his peers to rank each president as great, near great, average, below average and failure thus leading to a national past time of Presidential rankings and comparisons. A fickle public has lead to approval ratings varying up to nearly 70% during a presidency. <Source: go here>

So how does President TJ rate?

In 2000, The Wall Street Journal ranked TJ 4th, just missing ‘Greatness‘. <Source: go here>


1 George Washington 4.92
2 Abraham Lincoln 4.87
3 Franklin Roosevelt 4.67
4 Thomas Jefferson 4.25

In fact, many lists from 1948 through today list Jefferson the President as Top 10. To see a neat little spreadsheet go here.

Even more remarkable is a poll where liberals and conservatives agree on TJ’s the President’s legacy! Go here to the source.

How would you rate our 3rd President?

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