Jefferson on Dogs

August 20, 2008

Found an interesting article on Jefferson’s thoughts on dogs. In a letter to fellow land owner Peter Minor, Jefferson writes,

 “I participate in all your hostility to dogs, and would readily join in any plan for exterminating the whole race. I consider them as the most afflicting of all the follies for which men tax themselves. but as total extirpation cannot be hoped for, let it be partial.”
The article does go to state that despite his strong words, Jefferson kept working sheep dogs (presumably at Monticello) and wasn’t averse to giving away their puppies either.
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TJ In the News – “Jefferson’s Legacy” Lecture Series

August 20, 2008 reports that registration opens today for a lecture series called “Jefferson’s Legacy”. These Wednesday evening talks will run through September and October. Each lecture will focus on a different theme including his presidency, botany, food, science, religion, and architecture.  The talks are held at the Jefferson library which is right down the road from Monticello.

It lists the cost as $110. I’ll email them to find out if thats per talk or for the entire series.

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